Casting for Recovery in Victoria

Casting for Recovery (CfR) activities in Victoria are managed by a sub-committee of Mending Casts Inc,  which is licensed to offer these programs under agreement with Casting for Recovery in the USA. 


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer through a unique live-in weekend retreat program that combines breast cancer education and peer support with the therapeutic activities of fly fishing. The program offers opportunities for women to find inspiration, renew their energy for life and experience the healing gained from networking with others and reconnecting with nature. We support breast cancer survivors of all ages, in all stages of recovery, at no cost to participants. 


We also provide participants with post-retreat referrals to their nearest fly fishing club so that they can continue to enjoy fly fishing into the future.  Find out more from our CfR Vic website here:

Reel Recovery in Australia

Mending Casts has secured an exclusive agreement with Reel Recovery USA to run their cancer retreat program in Australia.  Those programs are due to commence in the Spring of 2020 and the first Reel Recovery Australia retreat will be held in Victoria. 


The mission of Reel Recovery is to help men in the cancer recovery process by introducing them to the healing powers of the sport of flyfishing while providing a safe, supportive environment to explore their personal experiences of cancer with others who share their stories.

Our purpose is to address the growing demand for and limited supply of support services specifically tailored for men with cancer. Our overarching goal is to improve the lives of the men we serve. We seek to give these courageous men a respite from their day-to-day concerns so that they might gain a fresh outlook on their fight with cancer; we facilitate discussions that give them strength, encouragement and a new network of friends and support; we provide cancer information and resources to enable better management of their disease; and we provide them new skills to bring joy, enthusiasm and renewed hope as they confront the challenges of their cancer survivorship.
For more information on this program  see

Casting for Kids

Mending Casts will be hosting some exciting new casting programs and educational days designed specifically for children.  Our qualified casting instructors are developing a specially customised program that helps kids to learn the basics of fly casting and fishing in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.


These events normally run over a half-day or 2 hour time period and use a mixture of fun games, basic casting drills and competitions to encourage participation and maintain interest in the activities. 


We believe these programs will be very successful as our instructors are regularly asked to assist fly fishing clubs and angling groups with the tuition of children.  We hope that many of these kids will continue to fly fish, become new members of fly fishing clubs and help to promote the wonders of the sport long into their adult lives.

Fly Fishing & Casting Tuition


Mending Casts hosts regular casting days and tutoring events for fly fishers of all levels. These range from presentations to large groups in partnership with various fly fishing clubs, angling businesses and government agencies, to one-on-one personal tuition at some of the most picturesque fishing waters in Australia.


Our programs are supported by qualified Fly Fishers International (FFI) Casting instructors and professional fishing guides.  Participants therefore receive the highest quality of expert tuition in proper casting techniques and various fishing methods used in both fresh and saltwater.


These casting and fishing activities are run in conjunction with numerous organised fly fishing events throughout Australia. See the "Our Community" page for links to the specific events that we support.


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