About Us

Mending Casts has been operating in Australia since January 2019.  Our main focus is on running free live-in weekend fly fishing retreats, primarily for people suffering from cancer through the Casting for Recovery, Reel Recovery and Casting for Kids programs.

As a registered non-profit organisation, we require independent funding to be able to provide our programs and services.  Those funds are obtained through donations from a broad range of supporters, sponsorships from other organisations plus partnerships with corporate groups or government grants.  Every dollar is invested back into our programs and the activities which support them, so we appreciate every cent that is given to us.

Our Commitee

Brenda Galey


- Fishing Guide
- Membership Co-Ordinator
- Fly Fishers International 

  Certified Casting Instructor

Alisa Christie

Event Co-Ordinator

- Retreat Co-Ordinator
- Fund Raising Events/Activities
- Casting for Kids Co-Ordinator

John Billing

Chairman & Vice President

- Webmaster & Social Media
- Qualified 1st Aid

- Fly Fishers International 

  Certified Casting Instructor

Cherrie Ninness
Jo Dobson


- Programs Co-Ordinator
- Administration

- Emergency Services Liaison


- Owner Aussie Angler Tackle Shop
- Victorian Fisheries Grants

- Casting Instructor


Andrew Connell

Casting Instructor / Guide

- Fishing Guide
- Qualified 1st Aid
- Fly Fishers International
   Certified Casting Instructor

Val Young
Shelley Olson

Casting Helper / Reiki

Fund Raising

- Casting Program Helper
- Reiki Practitioner
- Natural Therapies

- Fund Raising Events/Activities
- Event Co-Ordinator
- Qualified 1st Aid

Alan Staton

Funding Co-Ordinator

- Grants / Sponsorship  Coordinator

- Procurement Officer
- Fund Raising Events/Activities
- Reel Recovery Co-Ordinator

Mending Casts Inc,
P.O.Box 256 Montmorency

Victoria 3094

Email : admin@mendingcasts.org

ABN 53 801 034 308