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Alisa Christie

Event Co-Ordinator

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Start:  8am Wednesday 1st December 2021
Ends:  10pm Sunday 5th December 2021


Our annual "12 Days of Fishmas" online auction is one of our major fund-raising events each year.  All the money raised will be directed toward our Australian cancer retreat programs.  These are uplifting life-changing events for the participants, so many of whom are facing very significant challenges and hardships. We can’t help them without your help. Donations can also be pledged directly through the auction page.

This year we’ve cut the traditional 12 day auction period down to 5 days so we have enough time to finalise sales and post items to the winners before Christmas.  We have 18 lots up for action with items totalling nearly $4.000 in value, all provided by wonderful donors.  This includes a fabulous custom-built fly rod & reel combo commemorating 25 years of the Casting for Recovery program, several exquisite fishing-related artworks including a 5 print trout set, boxes of cod and trout flies,  hats, books, tying gear and more. 

Check them all out on the auction website via the link below:

So please help us fund our retreats and support people dealing with cancer by bidding generously on the wonderful items that our sponsors have donated.  We value every dollar and with your help, we will change lives one cast at a time!


Casting for Kids

Mending Casts are planning to introduce some exciting new casting programs and educational days designed specifically for children at some point in the near future.  Our qualified casting instructors are developing a specially customised program that helps kids to learn the basics of fly casting and fishing in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.


​We are excited about the potential for these programs as our instructors are regularly asked to assist fly fishing clubs and angling groups with the tuition of children.  We hope that many of these kids will continue to fly fish, become new members of fly fishing clubs and help to promote the wonders of the sport long into their adult lives.  Ultimately, the level of funding we receive will determine for these programs can go ahead.