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Listed below are links to a selection of publications and documents that provide more background to our organisation and its activities.

On the Mend Newsletter

Annual Reports

Articles of Association

Promotional Material

Media Library

Listed below are links to a selection of media files that feature Mending Casts and our programs, including interviews, podcasts and presentations.  Please take the time to look through them, as they will help explain in more detail the programs that we offer and the life-changing benefits that participants obtain from attending.

YouTube Channel:  HERE

Pod Casts

Intermediate Line PodCast.jpg
On The Deck Ep 6 Apr 2021Mending Casts
00:00 / 29:49
On The Deck Ep 5 - Nov 2019Mending Casts
00:00 / 30:14
Wet Fly Swing - July 2020John Billing
00:00 / 48:57
On the Deck - Apr 2019Mending Casts
00:00 / 06:09
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